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Innovation for Net Zero

Our manufacturing and support services in the maritime & offshore sectors are unmatched due to our proven ability to bring partners together, provide professional solutions and deliver top-notch results on-schedule.

We Find Solutions

As professionals, it is essential for us to focus on identifying holistic solutions to the complex challenges of climate change, instead of merely acknowledging its presence. Being experts in this field, we recognize the fundamental role that the blue economy can play in these solutions, and firmly advocate for its utilization as a critical component.

We are committed and aligned to the 
UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our members specialise in world beating innovative solutions, including: the circular economy, electric propulsion systems for marine vessels, alternative fuels, electricity storage solutions, energy monitoring and trading, materials recovery and recycling, engineering and sustainable infrastructure.

Northern Ireland Maritime & Offshore is therefore comprised of outstanding professional organisations who display an unwavering dedication to discovering new opportunities. We come from a unique location and a variety of backgrounds and are constantly seeking to expand our knowledge. By encouraging innovation, and fostering business relationships we develop top-quality solutions for our esteemed clientele across the world. 

We invite you to join us on our continued success.