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Northern Ireland Maritime & Offshore was established in April 2023, and in less than a year has welcomed over 40 members – 20+ SMEs across Northern Ireland and over 20 large organisations including private companies, government departments and universities.

Northern Ireland Maritime & Offshore Network


NI Maritime & Offshore Networking events


  • Regular network meetings
  • Member-to-member learning sessions
  • Dedicated member training
  • Regular networking across the year
  • Workshops, with selected expert speakers

The meetings and events organized by Northern Ireland Maritime & Offshore prioritize trust and confidentiality, allowing members to feel at ease while sharing information. Our goal is to provide constructive feedback and support for each other, with the belief that we can all succeed together.

NIMO has established important strategic relationships with colleagues in Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland, Europe and beyond, actively delivering and pursuing development opportunities. We understand the importance of every conversation, be it informal or structured, and create opportunities to make a meaningful impact with every interaction.

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One Step Ahead

Supporting Future Generations

We share our knowledge and love of the maritime and offshore sectors, inspiring others to join our teams. 


Empowering the next generation by igniting their passion and providing them with the tools they need to succeed, we inspire them through engaging school visits, informative career fairs, exciting dedicated events, and comprehensive work experience opportunities that give them the real-life skills they need to excel.


NIMO acknowledges our access to prestigious universities in Northern Ireland, alongside an exceptional local talent pool and highly proficient workforce. Our network collaborates to draw in graduates and apprentices to the maritime and offshore sectors, nurturing our local talent.


Facilitating retraining and upskilling for our existing workforce, valuing their prior knowledge and expertise. NIMO offers routes to fulfilling and lucrative career opportunities ensuring long-term job security across the sector. NIMO is committed to equipping current and future talent with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as industry leaders.

One Step Ahead

Our Network

We share our knowledge and love of the maritime and offshore sectors, inspiring others to join our teams. Make contact if you think you should be part of this growing organisation.